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Restoring Faith, Giving Hope, Living in Love 
Why Christy Love
My name is Christy Love! I am a webcam model and adult entertainment actress. I have been webcaming since 2013. I've used modeling/acting as my way to express my sexual trauma and embrace my sexuality. 

I grew up in a very conservative home with my mother being Korean and my father being white and a conservative Christian minister. 

At a very young age, I was raped, molested and abused. I struggled to know who I was and I dealt with suicidal thoughts. I was lost, I was confused and I felt broken. 

I had to live up to what my parents wanted me to be; this perfect asian girl who was perfect at school, played the piano, religious and innocent. 
I was living a lie and I was so hurt inside. 

I turned to porn as my outlet to express myself and be who I truly was. From living a sheltered life in a bubble, to now a full time webcam model, I got to see the real world and saw that I wasn't the only one hurting inside. I went through years of therapy, counseling and went on a journey to find myself. 

Although I do porn and am a webcam model, I am a devoted Christian who has learned that religious people are judgmental and hateful toward those who don't fit in their cookie cutter life. But Jesus accepts and loves me in all my pain, struggle and humanness. I actually want to preach in churches to stop hating 'sinners' and start loving them! "Don't hate me because I sin differently than you".

I now embrace my greatness and I want to share this process with the world through my online program, motivational speaking, upcoming book and anyone I come in contact with. 

I hope that I can have the opportunity to walk with you on your journey to a life full of greatness, success and still being sexy at the same time!

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Christy Love
About The Program
• Do you ever feel like you're stuck? 
• Do you lack motivation?
• Do you know your purpose in life? 
In my years through porn I have met so many men and woman who struggle to know their vision, lack life mission and not living life to its fullest potential. 

In this program, you will interact with me via email, Facebook post, zoom calls, Skype sessions and I will keep you accountable along your journey. Life is a team sport and we will support each other throughout this process of achieving greatness!

This program is for everyone! If you are a Christy Love fan, or a model/actress in the adult entertainment industry, I have programs within this course just for you!
Christy Love's Mission
My mission is to Restore Faith, Give Hope & Live in Love
The school of Living in Greatness is comprised of weekly videos. Each of these videos comes with an mp3 you can download and listen to later! It also has a worksheet for you to go over and work on. Each week, beginning the day you sign up, you will have access to a new video, mp3, and worksheet!

I look forward to walking hand in hand with you to a life full of greatness!
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When you sign up you will get:
✓ Weekly Videos & Audios of me
✓ Weekly Questions to help grow
✓ Meet and Greets when at adult conventions!!! 

Personal One-on-One Coaching:
✓ Includes everything above
✓ Two 1-hour Zoom life coaching sessions per month with Christy Love herself!!!

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